Ubuntu Migration Camp


This authentic semi-permanent safari camp is positioned to intercept the natural flow of animals through Tanzania’s Serengeti ecosystem during the annual Great Migration to ensure optimal viewing of one of nature’s greatest spectacles. Ubuntu Camp is a traditional, intimate camp that offers a simple set-up with a raw wilderness feel, which delicately balances safari authenticity with guest comfort.

From June to October, Ubuntu Camp is located in the north of the Serengeti to catch the wildebeest as they cross the surging Mara River. It then moves to the southern Serengeti from November until March, where the herds gather to rest, graze and calve. With only ten tents that have safari classics like fire-heated bucket showers and gumboots for when the rains turn the earth to fertile mud, the focus at Ubuntu Camp is getting the most authentic experience of the Great Migration possible.


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Wildebeest Migration


  • Intimate tented mobile camp
  • Excellent Great Migration viewing
  • ‘Back to basics’ authenticity
  • Predator action