Rubondo Island Camp


This exquisite gem of a camp is located on an unspoilt paradise, Rubondo Island, on Lake Victoria. The island’s extraordinary natural bounty has attracted national park status and earned it the nickname, ‘Noah’s Ark’.  Its sweep of sunny shoreline is home to sunbathing hippos and cruising crocodiles; chimpanzees and monkeys populate the lush forest canopy; and the woodlands teem with elephant and giraffe. The island’s emerald heart is a papyrus swamp that helps support over 200 bird species, including the African grey parrot. Almost 70 species of butterfly and 40 species of orchid thrive here – truly, a paradise found!

The island offers a host of attractions to explore on guided nature walks, safari-style game drives and dhow cruises. Take a scenic stroll along the pristine beach looking out for rarities, like the spotted neck otter, or catch a glimpse of the elusive white-striped situnga antelope in the papyrus. Game drives offer excellent opportunities to observe the island’s larger game. Dhow cruises provide crocodile watchers with plentiful sightings of these prehistoric beasts, known for their cinematic proportions in this, the world’s second largest lake. Safari activities are balanced with an invitation to utter relaxation, to days spent reclining beside the large swimming pool or on the pristine beach, soaking up the views of Lake Victoria. For a private retreat, escape to your veranda with a chilled bottle of wine to watch the forest canopy’s comical vervet monkey soap opera.

For a very limited time, guests at Rubondo can sign up to be part of the research team’s project to habituate chimpanzees to humans as part of their ongoing conservation project. This involves three nights on the island, including one night fly-camping near the chimps as they bed down for the evening. This activity is seldom available to non-scientists and researchers, and promises to be a once-in-a-lifetime experience.


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  • Magnificent island setting on Lake Victoria
  • Rich diversity of game and birdlife
  • See chimpanzees in their natural habitat
  • Game fishing for legendary Nile perch
  • Limited time to be part of chimp habituation project