Ruaha Safaris

Ruaha Safari

Only 1% of visitors to Tanzania go on safari at Ruaha. Also known as the country’s best-kept secret, Ruaha National Park delivers one of the most rewarding and authentic wildlife experiences in Tanzania. This fly-in destination offers off-the-beaten-track adventure and as well as luxury and excellent hospitality at beautiful riverside lodges and tented camps.

Big game wildlife at Ruaha

Set where the woodlands of Southern Africa meet the savannahs of East Africa, Ruaha’s diversity of animals is matched by their numbers. Drawing its name and lifeblood from the permanent Great Ruaha River that forms its eastern border, Ruaha is Tanzania’s biggest national park. It is home to the largest elephant herds in East Africa and has an excellent reputation for predators. All the big cats– lion, leopard and cheetah – are there in healthy numbers as are the highly endangered wild dog and spotted hyena.

Best time to visit Ruaha

Ruaha is an excellent year-round destination for game viewing and visitors can expect to see a wide range of game species such as greater kudu, buffalo, roan and sable antelope, zebra and giraffe. When weather is hot and dry from May to October animals concentrate along hippo-and-crocodile-filled watercourses. This is considered peak game viewing season. With a bird count around 570, it’s also an excellent destination for twitchers, especially during the November to April Green Season. At this time you will also be privy to spectacular scenery, new life and low season rates. Peak rainfall is between February and April.

Explore secret Tanzania

Combine a Ruaha safari with other wildlife highlights in southern Tanzania such as a safari in the wild and remote Nyerere National Park (Selous Game Reserve) or chimpanzee-trekking in the forests of the Mahale Mountains and Gombe Stream national parks.

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